About Brightsea

Brightsea Inc., is a Toronto based privately held growth oriented, high-end Technology consulting and software development company with a powerful business model. We leverage a portfolio of services that is tightly aligned with world class IT services in quickly achieving clients’ objectives to reducing their cost, risk and increasing agility simultaneously. Identifying complex IT challenges, and providing solutions, we help organizations to fuel high performance.

We are a business intelligence company that began with a vision about how the web could be used to transform the way people see and use data. Our WebPivotTable component would let web developers easily embed compelling pivot tables and pivot charts inside web sites and web application. Our technology is also used on an OEM basis to seamlessly embed pivot tables and pivot charts directly in our customers’ own software and services, increasing their revenues as well as customer satisfaction.

We continue to evolve our technology and expand our market share by providing new advancements in mobile BI, analytics, self-service BI, and personalization.